Generateur d'un gabarit pour découpeuse laser

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This generator will give a matrix of circles with your speed and power values.

You can customise :

  • circle
  • speed range
  • power range
  • file name

The PHP version is given as reference, but is no longer maintained. Please use the Python script.


In script, you can customise :

  • File name for the gcode storage

```fileName = "C:/Your/output/Documents/GabaritDecoupe.gcode"```

  • Speed and power of your laser

```speedRange = [2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20]``` ```powerRange = [5,5.25,5.5,5.75,6,6.25,6.5,6.75,7]```

This will produce a gcode file that you can visualise in [camotics ]( The gcode will display a grid with as many circles needed to cover all the possibility you defined in speed and power ranges.

Find the python code in repository