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Guide on how to install OctoPrint onto an SD Card etc.:

On the RPi, we have installed rpi-clone: https://github.com/billw2/rpi-clone
rpi-clone is a tool that can clone a live/booted SD Card to another SD Card (USB reader) and that is directly bootable after the cloning process.

The bash scripts and the default gcode files can be found in the UOF Google Drive folder : 3_espaces > 1_LeMateriel > 4_decoupeuse Laser > OctoPrint_RPi_Server

Backup The OctoPi to USB SD Card

  1. Open the command line interface
  2. Type
    ssh pi@

    ... and connect to the RPi server.
  3. Make sure the USB SD Card reader is plugged in and is working. Make sure the SD Card is at least the same size as the RPi System Card.
    (Default: the RPi System Card is 16 GB and the USB SD Card is 16 GB.)
  4. Type
    sudo rpi-clone sda -v -u

    Make sure that "sda" is the correct destination. If not sure, check with :
    sudo fdisk -l
  5. Wait until it is finished.

Boot From SD Card Clone

  1. Remove the system SD Card
  2. Remove the clone SD card from the USB reader.
  3. Insert the SD from the USB reader to the RPi system SD slot.
  4. Power up the RPi